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Photo of Anthony Barlich

Hometown:Pittsburgh, PA

College:Penn State University

I'm Anthony. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I absolutely love shared experiences and exploring new places. A few other things I dig: good design, a meal shared with friends, finding tasty cortado’s in every city, Pittsburgh sports, running/biking with good music or a solid podcast playing, the outdoors (hiking, rock-climbing, surfing, throwing/hitting/kicking objects back & fourth, etc.), mid-century modern homes/furniture, a good cocktail (Toronto’s are my favorite), solid beer (bourbon barrel-aged, please), good candles, camp-side conversations, friendships that extend across time & state-lines and my beautiful wife, Laura.

Photography has given my interests in exploration, storytelling and connecting, a fascinating platform. I'm insanely passionate about what I do and the relationships I get to build in the process. Photographing a wedding with Hitch & Sparrow is a stunning example of this reality. It's a joy to celebrate the marriage process with couples, as I truly see the marriage as more important than the wedding day.

Laura and I recently moved back to Chicago from Denver, CO and we're excited to be back home and grow H&S. It’s a wild adventure we’re on. Please connect with me AND us (H&S) on instagram or facebook— we're excited to share the journey!

Photo of Laura Barlich

Hometown: Elgin, IL

College: Illinois State University

Hi! I’m Laura!
Elgin, IL born and raised
Realistic optimist
Chai tea drinker
Home: Oak Park/Chicago, IL

At an early age I fell in love with creating art, making music, playing sports, connecting through community and have always had a deep desire for self-expression. I would buy a disposable camera, any chance I got, and snap away! In high school, I took my first real photography class and it revealed to be a beautiful and creative outlet to share my experiences. Photojournalism was a huge interest of mine for a long time and eventually I went towards teaching art as a career path, while keeping my love for photography alive.

After graduating from Illinois State University in 2009, I taught High School Art within Chicago Public Schools (CPS) until 2014. During my time teaching and coaching soccer, I met Anthony, which reinvigorated my love for photography. While balancing years of wedding photography and teaching art, I felt inspired to come into a permanent role with H&S.

I officially function as an assistant photographer for Hitch & Sparrow and have been steadily developing and growing as a professional artist/photographer for the last 7 years. And when it comes to weddings, I love supporting and lifting up couples, reminding them to slow down and enjoy their day! I’m inspired by movement, honest expression, connection, the “moments in-between”, and interesting light and layers. I love to connect with people and get to know them, their story, and be a refreshing part of their day.

As I’ve been growing in my photography and becoming a mother at the same time, I’ve reprioritized what I really want to create as an artist. I continue to photograph weddings but have also included family photography in my personal portfolio this past year (2020).

I have LOVED this time of focusing on families and capturing their life, love, and true moments together. I hope to grow my family photography offerings alongside H & S in the years to come!

Check out the family, maternity, and newborn sessions I’m offering through H & S by clicking on the “Family Photography” tab at the top of the homepage!

Thanks for reading a bit about me. Have a lovely day!

Photo of Bradley Siefert

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL

College: Illinois State University

Hey, I'm Brad, I’m a Chicagoland native who came to photography after beginning a career as a graphic designer for startups and web companies. I love the technical end of photography: lenses, lights, strobes, triggers, etc. Knowing these concepts has helped me to think creatively even in the midst of a hectic wedding day. I love the run-and-gun challenge that a wedding presents, but my favorite parts are the sweet moments throughout a day where I get to experience the joy of a loving couple.

I’m enamored with beautiful landscapes, captivating portraits, and simple moments between people. On a wedding day, I get to fly into a bride and groom’s world and to capture something they will cherish for the rest of their lives. It’s a challenge and an honor that I don’t take lightly. I’ve done it enough to not get nervous anymore, but I’m still excited and motivated to create something that the couple will be moved by and will love forever.

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"Hitch & Sparrow was a terrific match for us from the start. Anthony met with us to talk about their approach and answer all our questions. I initially contacted them because their portfolio is gorgeous and just our style (not cliche and cookie-cutter like a lot of wedding photographers). What sealed the deal was how easy-going and likeable Anthony is."
AJ, Chicago, IL
"We wanted a photographer who would take not only the typical posed family photos but also a lot of candid pictures of the ceremony, the reception, the guests, the garden venue, and us. H&S did all that, and more, finding the best backdrops and the most gorgeous light and setting up both fun and more romantic poses."
Danica, Brooklyn, NY
"I can't get over how stunning our wedding photos are. They captured such intimate moments that we'll have forever. We got married at the Nature Museum and we had horrible weather that day. I had it in my head that we would have our first look photos…by the lake and in Lincoln Park, and was really worried that we wouldn't have good photos because of the rain. I couldn't have been more wrong."
Emily, Chicago, IL
"The pictures they took of our wedding are incredible. They are true artists! Photojournalistic, technically gorgeous, and with real-life, classic post-production. H&S capture the emotion, moments, details, and moments that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Truly masters of their craft, you will have timeless art that is worth the investment. We couldn't have had nicer people alongside us and capturing our big day."
Kathryn, Yulee, FL