Erik & Lindsey

Your wedding is one of those days that you and your spouse talk about for the rest of your lives. Creating a day so wildly engaging that it’s something that your GUESTS also talk about for the rest of their lives is the kind of state-of-the-art celebration that Erik and Lindsey achieved during their fall wedding in Mt. Carmel. While everything about Erik and Lindsey’s wedding was truly beautiful – from the series of intricate tents garnished with stunning florals to one of the most impressive and rare spreads of whiskey we’ve ever seen in our lives – the afterparty stood out and took the celebration to an entirely different realm of production. It was next level, it eclipsed most personal celebrations and accomplished a rare, “wow moment”. The production and level of excellence was remarkable, even through seasoned and experienced eyes. We felt so honored to participate and document the weekend for these two wonderful people; Erik and Lindsey are lovely humans and we had a blast with them.