Joseph & Aly

It was a unique honor to experience a wedding that was so intentionally curated and intimately illuminated the couple’s genuine love story. We felt welcomed into this beautiful day as friends and family, from London and stateside, joyfully celebrated Joseph and Aly. The day was spent at the gorgeous Warren Hall at Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan. Intertwined throughout the details, attire and space was an intentional harmony linking edgy, classy, and vintage-British styles. Beautifully brilliant, dark and richly rustic would best describe the overall mood and style palette. And as lovely as the details and space were, it was no comparison to the immense love and unity shown with friends and family throughout every moment of the day. Deciding to do without a traditional wedding party, Joseph and Aly took their Moms (Mums) out for a portrait session.