Swati & Neha

Ornate and elegant, Swati and Neha’s wedding at the Grand Hyatt in Denver was the quintessential fusion of timeless cultural traditions and a beautifully supportive world. Getting ready was a methodical and purposeful process, layering stunning hand-crafted jewelry over intricate and vibrant custom garments. It was then that Swati and Neha, surrounded by family and loved-ones on thrones fit for two beer-loving, doggo obsessed best-friends made a commitment to one another. The ceremony took part in a set of traditional symbolic marriage practices all while overlooking a gorgeous 360 degree view of Denver and the front range. The reception was chalked full of color and joyous celebration, as party poppers kicked off their entrance into the world as wife and wife for the very first time. Just like Neha’s father’s speech, full of love and support (in the room and with relatives in India), this couple and their marriage journey is one that will never be forgotten.